Pictured at the right is the main entrance
  of our shop.

Our Facility is 8500 sq. ft.

Our location at 7661 Windfield Drive,
  a half mile  west  of Beach  Blvd.,  is
  just  minutes away  from  Downtown
  Huntington Beach.
Above is our CNC room.  We feature the following equipment:
CNC Machining Centers

  1.  OOYA RE2M

          This vertical machining center has travels  of  X=84", Y=28", Z=29", the spindle has 20hp,
     it has a tool changer capable of holding 32 tools, the control is a Fanuc 6MB, positioning to
     .0001, repeatability is .0005, spindle speeds of 32-3200 rpm, the control features  3-axis
     simultaneous movement and helical interpolation.

  2.  OOYA RE1M

          We have two of these vertical machining centers.  This machine has travels of X=44",
     Y=20", Z=21", the spindle has 20hp, tool changer capable of holding 24 tools, one machine has a
     Fanuc 5M control, the other has a Fanuc 6MB.  The positioning is to .0001, repeatability is
     .0005, spindle speeds of 32-3200 rpm.

CNC Turning Centers

  3.  Okuma LA40

           This machine has an Allen Bradley 8400LP CNC control.  It has a 36" swing over the bed
     and 120" center to center.  the spindle has 30hp and 100lb thrust drives.  This machine positions
     to .0001, with repeatability to .0005.

  4.  Shoun Dynastar 350

           This machine has a Fanuc 6T control.  It has a 15" swing and 40" center to center capacity.
     The spindle has 25hp, positions to .0001, with .0002 repeatability.

Conventional Milling Machines

  5.  We have 5 Bridgeport milling machines.  Three have digital readouts.

  6.  Ikegai - Horizontal traveling  column floor mill.  This machine has travels of X=120", Y=78",
        Z=30".  The spindle has 30hp.  It has digital read out positioning in the X and Y axis.

  7.  Yasda YBM 50J - Horizontal boring and milling machine.  This machine has travels of  X=20",
        Y=20", Z=17".  The spindle is 5hp.  The machine indexes its square table and has positioning,
        by means of optical reader to .0001".

Conventional Turning Machine

  8.  Moriseiki MS1250G - 18" diameter max turning capacity, 60" center to center, 25" diameter
        turning with gap removed, full threading and travadial equipped.

  9.  Victor 1660 - 16" diameter capacity, with 60" center to center, full threading and travadial.

10.  Cazanueve - 22" diameter capacity, 96" center to center, full threading.

11.  Cadillac  1440 - 12" diameter capacity, 40" center to center, full threading and travadial.

Other Conventional Equipment Includes:  

      Surface Grinding -      We have 3 surface grinders, capacity from 16" X 8"  to  36" X 12".

      Complete Welding -    We have Lincoln TIG, MIG, and Arc Welding machines, and a
                                            Cobramatic MIG machine.

      Saw Cutting -    We have an Amada HA - 250 horizontal automatic saw and a vertical bandsaw. 
With the use of CAD/CAM technology, we can import
  digital data from disk or E-Mail and generate tool-
  paths in a matter of minutes.

Our programs support many different file formats
  including  .dxf, .dwg, .iges and many more.